Myths Concerning Applying For A Mortgage

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Getting a mortgage for your property is a major financial decision to make, but it can be essential for allowing you to purchase the real estate or to finance making major improvements to it. If you are to make sound and prudent financial decisions when it comes to this type of loan, you will need to have a solid understanding of the realities about a few of the myths that individuals will have about mortgages.
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Planning Ahead For Those You Leave Behind: 3 Proactive Steps Every Parent & Grandparent Should Take

Posted on: 30 November 2016

Dealing with the loss of a parent or grandparent places an enormous amount of stress on the family members left behind. In many cases, this type of stress leads to arguments and hurt feelings among relatives that can take months or even years to smooth over. If you are a parent or grandparent who would like to help your family avoid this kind of strife, consider taking some of these proactive steps now.
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3 Things You Need To Know About Meeting With An Estate Planning Attorney

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you have yet to make an estate plan with an estate-planning attorney, such as Valentine & Valentine PC, you might be wondering what the whole process entails. This is a common concern for many people so they hold off getting an estate plan put together. Luckily, the process of getting an estate plan put together is pretty straightforward. Here are some things you need to know. How Often Do I Need To Meet With The Attorney?
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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Probate Lawyer

Posted on: 15 September 2016

As an executor of your love one's estate after their death, you're responsible for paying their debtors and making sure that everyone in their will receives the goods or money that have been designated to them. It's a good idea to have a lawyer by your side to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are four things to consider when choosing which potential attorney to hire. Financial Accounts At least one estate bank account will need to be opened and managed in order to house monies that are accumulated during estate liquidation.
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